LOngs lake ltd. - mobile pressure washing + interior fleet cleaning

About Our Company

Being based in Innisfil Ontario, the first thing that comes to mind is all the natural beauty around us.  With that in mind we only use environmentally friendly premium products to ensure a minimal footprint on the environment around us.

Our vision is to keep customer service at the forefront of everything we do. We strive to exceed expectations and to be consistent, on time, honest, and reliable. Allowing our customers to benefit from our Partnership. We are excited to partner with other like-minded companies while growing together!

We are currently serving customers around Southern Ontario, including but not limited to: Barrie, Simcoe Country, Peel Region and Dufferin County. We would be happy to serve customers outside of these regions by request!

Top Quality

Why we are here?

Longs Lake Ltd operates on a solutions-based platform. 

We don’t just serve our customers; we listen to our customers and build comprehensive service packages and agreements based on individual needs. 

We have grown the company to be among the leading mobile wash companies in Southern Ontario. We align ourselves with our customers as partners to assist them in achieving their goals and objectives. 

We have developed a reputation as a company on the leading edge of environmental awareness, especially in the Fleet and Transportation sectors. 

Our reputation for service is second to none, and our entire staff stands ready to work with you and your staff in any way we can be of assistance. We would be delighted to demonstrate to you how our services can be a benefit to your company

We Look Forward to Serving You!